Skinny and Sexy Abbie is waiting for phone sex. Call her Today


Category Girlfriend Experience (GFE)
Age 27
Hair Long red and wavy
Figure Toned and shapely
Personality Fun and cheeky
Best feature It has to be my bum¦check it out!
Dream patient David Beckham with a groin injury!

Hear My Sexy Voice

“Hi guys, my name’s Abbie and I’m your naughty nurse! Would you like me to take your temperature? Hmm ¦ yes, you do feel a bit hot to me. I think we need to get that temperature down. How about a nice cool sponge bath? I’ll close the curtain so we can have a bit of privacy. Now I’m just going to undo your gown so I can give you a good wash all over. Oh my goodness, now your pulse is racing! What caused that, I wonder? You poor thing, lying in that bed for days on end, you must be so ¦ stiff. Just let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. I’ll be on night duty all week so be sure to buzz me if you need some ¦ relief!”

Credit Card Line: 1300 32 82 31

All major cards accepted. ˜No holds barred’ conversations.

Call: 1902 999 888

Mobiz Pte Ltd $4.50/min. mobile/pay phones extra

SMS “Abbie” to 0428 418 418

  • Abbie

    Mmm … I’m feeling very cheeky 2nite!