Dominant Erica has the PIN 696 and want to talk to you now, really now!

Category Girlfriend Experience (GFE)
Age 28
Hair Dark brown long and straight
Figure Tall curvy very busty (34DD)
Personality Sexy and willing
Best Feature I love my thick waist-length hair
Most Memorable Sexual Experience Private jet to Dubai with a Saudi Prince and 5 other girls.

Hear My Sexy Voice

“Hi, I’m Erica. I’m originally from America but I’ve been living in Melbourne for about a year now and I love it here. People in the States are always going on about Aussie guys, saying how hot they are, so I decided to come over and see for myself, and OMG they weren’t kidding! The guys here are so hot it’s ridiculous! I love going into the city every weekend with my friend Amanda (she’s on this line too!) and picking up. We always seem to get a lot of attention when we’re out together. We’re kind of a double act; I guess you could say we come together 😉 Give me a call if you’d like to hear some of our naughty stories!

Credit Card Line: 1300 32 82 31

All major cards accepted. ˜No holds barred’ conversations.

Call: 1902 999 888

Mobiz Pte Ltd $4.50/min. mobile/pay phones extra

SMS “Erica” to 0428 418 418

  • Erica

    Aussie guys are so yummy!