Category GFE
Age 26
Hair Platinum blonde
Figure I'm quite tall and athletic
Personality Sexy and adventurous
Best feature My long blonde hair always gets attention!
I've always wanted to try Pole dancing.  It's a great workout and I think it would be really sexy.

Preview Audio:

“Hi there, I’m Lily.  You may not think it to look at me, but I’m quite sporty and athletic.  I’m a personal trainer so I practically live in gym gear.  Most of the time you’ll find me in tight little gym shorts with a crop top.  When I’m not getting my clients all hot and sweaty I like to work on my own body.  I lift weights and go at it hard.  It’s funny, I’ll be at the gym doing my thing, and there’ll be all these guys ogling me and trying to hit on me.  Most of the time I pretend not to notice, but occasionally if a guy’s really hot I’ll hop in the spa with him after training; it’s a great way to relax after a workout and there’s no better way to relieve ¦ stiffness.  Call me if you want to work up a bit of a sweat tonight.”

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Credit Card Line: 1300 32 82 31

All major cards accepted. ˜No holds barred’ conversations.

Call: 1902 999 888

Mobiz Pte Ltd $4.50/min. mobile/pay phones extra

SMS “Lily” to 0428 418 418

  • Lily

    Just got out the shower … wanna lick me dry?

    • Vill

      Can I come to do this

  • htoo htoo

    if you want to happy,you can call me,i will wait for you

    • Vill

      How can I call u