Category MILF
Age 45
Hair Long blonde
Figure Size 12, toned and busty
Personality I'm a naughty girl – I love to play while hubby's away!
Best feature My whole body is pretty terrific!
Secret pleasure Chocolate sauce.  It's not just for dipping strawberries into ¦

Preview Audio:

“Hi there boys, I’m Sarah!  I must confess I’m a bit naughty; I love to get up to no good when my husband’s away.  He travels a lot for work, which gives me plenty of opportunities to play up!  He doesn’t even know I’m on this line, talking to hot guys like you – but that’s okay, it can be our little secret!  I know I probably shouldn’t be doing this but it’s not really my fault – it’s just that I’ve got an incredibly high sex drive and my hubby isn’t around enough to take care of me.  So what’s a horny n frustrated girl to do?  I figure I can come on here and play with you, we can get each other off, and the best part is it’s all private and discreet.  So come on all you sexy guys, call me right now.  I promise I won’t tell if you don’t!”

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Credit Card Line: 1300 368 568

All major cards accepted. ˜No holds barred’ conversations.

Call: 1902 999 888

Mobiz Pte Ltd $4.50/min. mobile/pay phones extra

SMS “Sarah” to 0428 418 418

  • Sarah

    Let’s get the party started! Call me!

    • johnny adams

      Hey sexy, are you online now? Lets have some chat

  • ross davidson

    Hi my name ross ok live in perth

  • ross davidson

    Hi girls

  • Suzie

    Hi Ross, we have gorgeous babes from all over Oz waiting to chat with you now! xxx

  • Jaber Taha


  • Vill

    Any hookkers

  • adams

    I love to having sex with someone married thats turned me on. How i want to have a chat with you sexy?